Jing Ying

Qinna (Chin-Na) Defense Techniques

Presented by Master Willy Lin

This event is now past. See bottom of page for photos.

Began studying Kung Fu in Taiwan in 1957.
Head instructor and assistant to Wang, Jyue Jen: 1960-1968.
First to introduce T’ien Shan P’ai Kung Fu to the US.
Author of several books on T’ien Shan P’ai and Chin-Na.
Has run schools in Taiwan, Brazil and the US, and many
of his students have gone on to open their own schools.
Master Lin’s books and DVDs will be available for
purchase and autographing at this workshop.

Qinna is the Chinese art of “seize and control.” It is used to restrain opponents through techniques for locking joints or muscles and tendons by applying leverage and using pressure points. The techniques require very little force making them especially effective against larger and stronger opponents. In addition, the pressure of many techniques can be adjusted so that they can be used merely to control an opponent or to injure or disable them when necessary.

The techniques can be used to defend against grabs, holds and chokes or used to immobilize, subdue, or control assailants. These are important skills for when you are in close contact with an opponent and are especially useful in law enforcement and other situations when you need to subdue an assailant without injuring them.

This workshop is suitable for all martial arts styles and all levels of experience, including beginners with no previous training. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best!

Location: Jing Ying Institute, 1195 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, #6, Arnold MD 21012
Date: Saturday, March 25, 2006
Time: 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm (please arrive 20 minutes early to check-in or register and pay)
Cost: $50
Payments: Check, credit card or cash. Make checks payable to Jing Ying Institute. You can register
and pay on-line.

Participants under age 18 must have a release form signed by a parent or guardian. See photos from previous Willy Lin workshop

PDF version of the flyer for his event

We had a wonderful workshop with a mix of school owners, instructors, sifus, experienced students and absolute beginners. Master Lin was able to cover the basics for the beginners while still challenging the more advanced students so that everyone left the workshop with valuable knowledge and new techniques to use.

Many of the techniques presented were from Master Lin's books and DVDs, which were in high demand after the workshop. They provide a great way to review and practice techniques from the workshop as well as learn new ones. See our pro-shop if you are interested in purchasing some of these items.


Master Lin autographing books and DVDs for workshop participants.

Master Willy Lin and Patricia Lin, his wife, with the Greer's in the middle.