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Workshop with Master Willy Lin

On May 11, 2005, we were very fortunate to have Master Willy Lin visit us in Arnold, Maryland to share his knowledge and love of  Kung Fu. Master Lin is the martial arts pioneer who first popularized the forms of our system in the US. He learned directly from Wang ChuenJen in Taiwan. He later opened a school in Maryland and published books on Tien Shan Pai and Chin Na.

Master Lin originally planned on spending about 90 minutes with us, but having so much to share and having students eager to learn, he ended up spending closer to 4 hours! What did he cover? As the following pictures show, a little bit of everything.

He worked with us on the Chu Ji Quan Two-Man Set. He says that although Chu Ji Quan might be "Primary Fist" and a beginners form, it is his favorite because it is so full of useful applications. He demonstrated many of those applications using me as his practice dummy. Several times after following his instructions to try to kick him or punch him, I found myself quickly on my back wondering how I got there! With the two-man set, he demonstrated that the form could be done in a circle or changing directions to develop adaptability and good reactions, or could also be done with eyes closed to develop sensitivity.

Two of Master Lin's books are about Chin Na techniques. He demonstrated many techniques by inviting students to try holds on him so he could demonstrate Chin Na techniques to escape. He also demonstrated Chin Na techniques against punches and kicks. Seeing him perform his techniques, you would think he was half his actual age of almost 68!

Master Lin then worked on the Short Staff Two-Man Set and with Billy and Lane on the Tu Ji Two-Man Set.

To finish up the night, everyone got a detailed review of Chu Ji Quan from Master Lin.

You will notice that in almost every picture Master Lin is either smiling or has his eyes serenely closed. In the afterward of Chin-Na, The Grappling Art of Self-Defense Vol II, Master Lin says:

"If you were to observe a Chin-Na expert practicing his art, you'd see a person floating in an aura that can best be described as one of pure joy. He's like a child at play, His total being is involved in the experience."

I can think of no better description of Master Lin as he worked with our students at this workshop. His joy in practicing an art he so clearly loves was contagious as you can see by the smiles of the students working with him even as they were being thrown to the ground or experiencing the discomfort of painful Chin-Na techniques!

The Jing Ying Institute deeply appreciates the time Master Lin took to share his art with us!  ~ Billy

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Demonstration of Chin Na against Glenn