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Benefits of Choosing Jing Ying

Our school provides the benefits of a high-energy team-spirited atmosphere with plenty of individual attention. Proper Kung Fu training improves health, fitness, and strength, as well as body composition. The training program improves quality of mental focus and is something that our students appreciate in day to day situations. As all people have unique goals and abilities, we offer several different programs to meet the needs of every student. We are proud of our progressive and structured curriculum which presents a very complete martial arts system.

Martial Arts For Everyone!


Jing Ying Institute provides a caring, safe, and well-structured environment where children can develop their minds and bodies. Emphasis is placed on building strong moral character by developing manners, respect, discipline, confidence, and concentration. Children learn how to gain respect by respecting others. They have fun while developing physical skills and positive attitudes. Kung Fu is a "whole-body" activity that helps children improve balance, coordination, body awareness and good body mechanics. The benefits carry over to other sports and physical activities.


Teenagers face many challenges in their lives. We show how important it is to be a strong individual and to avoid negative peer pressure. Jing Ying Institute provides year-round training and exposure to positive role-models. True bonds are formed between students and teachers of all ages and backgrounds. Jing Ying Institute provides a safe environment where teens can gain self-confidence as they explore their abilities and learn how dedication and work can help one achieve their goals.


You do not need to be physically strong to learn martial arts. Self-defense skills are developed through understanding of the techniques. Movements of the exercises encompass the entire body, helping you to keep fit, trim, and feeling good. Kung Fu is especially effective for women as the emphasis on good body mechanics and proper technique mean that the skills work well against opponents who are bigger and stronger.


In addition to learning self-defense techniques, you can improve health, muscle tone, and release stress and tension. Kung Fu keeps the mind sharp and focused. As an alternative to strength and age-biased exercises, Kung Fu allows fathers and children to participate together, while enjoying more quality time.


I definitely miss training. I have moved far [away] . . . I never felt as good, was as physically fit, and felt more comfortable in my own skin than when I was training there. I really wish I could make it back. - LC

We feel fortunate to have found a school with such a sense of "family"... We are proud to be a part of it. Jing Ying has provided us with two things we haven't experienced together from the same school in all of our years in the martial arts...A sense of family accompanied by quality instruction. You guys are doing a wonderful job! Kudos to you! - DM


Student Creed:

Chinese Kung Fu is my secret
May God help me if I ever have to use my art
Conscience is my guide
Peace is my shelter
Beauty and perfection are my life