Jing Ying

Push Hands Techniques

Presented by Master Zhao Guoshun

Zhao Guohong was born in 1959 in Hebei province in Inner Mongolia and grew up during the cultural revolution.

Later in life, he became a lawyer in Beijing and had time and money, with which he helped his whole family. He also had time for himself, so when he found the famed Tai Chi Master Zhang YuLiang in the park in 2000 he was able to train regularly.

Zhang’s lessons were entirely informal, as he took no payment for teaching. Zhao read many books about t’ai chi ch’uan and with those ideas -- use the mind to direct the qi, relax, turn the waist, stay vertical -- was soon able to beat all the other students and in fact, anyone else who came along.

That was 12 years ago. For the past four years, Zhao has since been living in San Francisco. His twin daughters go to universities in California and due to his wife’s work, Zhao has been free to practice tai chi ch'uan to his heart’s content. Zhao attracts players from all other styles as well as beginners with little or no prior training. He just pushes hands with anyone and everyone who comes by,

Master Shao Guoshun

Zhao says that any student can attain skill like him within one year of training under him. Zhao wants to see progress and see it right away. He shows everything - how to connect to the hips and spine and to never, ever, ever use force or strength. The students who have come regularly have made remarkable progress within a year, as promised.

The main quality one notices when pushing with Zhao, aside from his startlingly lightening speed, is how quickly he changes in order to never use force. He never feels fear, is always calm and never sweats or feels tired. He is always “empty.”

This emptiness is actually full of awareness. Zhao’s posture is completely erect. No stance or footwork is perceptible, but internally where it can’t be seen there is tremendous form. Zhao never overextends or gives up his center. He maintains his composure, rolls with everything he is given and uses that roll back to recoil into wherever his partner is most open, stiff and unguarded. The term “relaxed” does not do justice to his extraordinary level of composure and readiness.

He will be returning to China soon, so this will be a great opportunity to work with him.

Monday, July 30, 2012 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Push Hands

Push Hands practice helps students gain an understanding of leverage, reflex, sensitivity, timing, coordination and positioning. You learn to avoid, neutralize and redirect the incoming forces of your opponent’s attack while also learning to generate, coordinate and deliver power to them. These skills are very important in gaining a deeper understanding of Tai Chi, but are also useful to any martial artist wanting to become more effective when fighting in close range.

These workshops are suitable for all martial arts styles and all levels of experience, including beginners with no previous training. Master Zhao will go hands on with each and every student to show how to use pure Yi (mind) without Li (strength).

Location:       Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu & Tai Chi, 1195 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, #6, Arnold MD 21012
Date:             Monday, July 30, 2012
Time:             6:00 pm (please arrive 20 minutes early to check-in or register)
Cost:              $60 for Jing Ying members, $70 for non-members. Please register in advance to reserve your spot!
Payments:     Check, credit card, PayPal or cash. Make checks payable to Jing Ying Institute. You can register
and pay on-line at: http://www.JingYing.org/events.html

Participants under age 18 must have a release form signed by a parent or guardian.

Push Hands, non-member

Master Zhao Guoshun Push hands, non-member
Price: $70

Push Hands, Jing Ying member

Master Zhao Guoshun Push hands, Jing Ying member
Price: $60