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A Weekend with Master Wang HaiJun:
Silk Reeling and Lao Jia Yi Lu

Saturday and Sunday, November 18-19, 2006

(This event is now past so registration has been disabled. Scroll down to see photos from the workshop)

In 1981, at the age of 9, Master Wang moved to Chen Village when his father arranged for him to live with and study with Master Chen ZhengLei. He is the the first non-Chen family student in modern times to be traditionally trained in Chen Village. He went on to study at the Wuhan Physical Culture University in 1988, and after graduation became coach of the Pingdishan Wushu Research and Study College. He later became a senior state Wushu referee, the president and head coach of Zhengzhou Wushu Research and Study College, and coach of Henan Chen ZhengLei Taiji Culture Co. Ltd. He is a senior disciple of Master Chen ZhengLei and an official lineage holder of Chen Style TaiJi (12th generation). He is featured in many of the training videos produced by Master Chen ZhengLei.

In addition to his extensive training and teaching credentials, Master Wang is an accomplished competitor and an International Champion who has won gold medals in TaiJi Quan, Sword, and push-hands. He has also won gold medals in China National competitions for Forms, Weapons and Push Hands. He has trained many Chinese and non-Chinese students who have gone on to become gold medalists.

Master Wang currently resides in England, but has developed followings of students around the world. He generously shows the principles of TaiJi, and engages in "hands-on" teaching that is very effective. He is committed to his students, making frequent trips to his various groups and establishing a system whereby "practice leaders" maintain students momentum between his visits. He is a great inspiration and gives proof of what is possible with diligent practice. We are honored and privileged to host Master Wang at this workshop.

You can read more about Master Wang at:

This workshop is suitable for Tai Chi enthusiasts of all styles and experience levels. The workshop will focus on Silk Reeling and the opportunity to learn, review or refine the Lao Jia Yi Lu form (which includes the beginning movements from the 18 Step “Essence” Form). This is a "foundation" workshop and future workshops may build on the material presented here.

Chen Style TaiJi Quan (Tai Chi) is considered the source of the major styles of Tai Chi. The founders of both Yang Style and Wu style trained at Chen Village, then left and opened their art to the public. While those styles spread and became popular, Chen style continued to be taught only in the Chen village and was not as well known. Now the secret is out, and Chen TaiJi is gaining in popularity as people discover the silk reeling exercises and coiling movements of this style. Register soon to reserve your spot for this unique opportunity to learn from one of the best!

Location:       Jing Ying Institute, 1195 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, #6, Arnold MD 21012
Date:             Saturday and Sunday, November 18-19, 2006
Time:             10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Cost:              $215 for full weekend, $135 for single day
Payments:      Check, credit card, PayPal or cash. Make checks payable to Jing Ying Institute.

(If you pay by credit card, please note that we will not process your card until the week of the workshop)

Hotels in the area include:

Days Inn Annapolis
2451 Riva Road
Annapolis, Maryland 21401   6 miles away

Quality Inn Annapolis
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Comfort Inn Annapolis
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Super 8
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The workshop is now over and our legs have almost recovered from two days of intensive training. Master Wang's teaching style and attention to detail helped all of us to deepen our understanding of TaiJi. He packed a lot of practice into the weekend and managed to leave us exhausted yet excited by the many new insights we had gained. We're already looking forward to his next visit!

Group shot from Saturday

Lao Jia Yi Lu practice

Taking a break

More practice

Experts in the art of Power Napping


Group shot from Sunday

Some Jing Ying students with Master Wang HaiJun