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Homeschool Kung Fu Program

May 3- June 14 (7 weeks)
(additional time for ages 11+ for self-defense techniques - until @1:30pm)

Scroll to bottom of page to click registration button to sign up for the session (or membersship) and to view details on discounts for family members.

Jing Ying is celebrating 22 years of serving the awesome Homeschool Community!

We offer the benefits of our well-structured and dynamic program in a special class for homeschoolers. We will improve your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and endurance while teaching effective self-defense techniques in a non-aggressive environment. Kung Fu is really about learning to use your body properly. The skills you acquire will help with any physical activity you engage in. Classes are taught by long-time homeschooling dad (and owner of Jing Ying), Billy Greer.

Classes are suitable for ages 5 to adult and this is a great activity for parents to do with their children. Our program is family-oriented, and we offer reasonable pricing to make it easier for multiple family members to take classes together. Note: we have free WiFi so you can use your electronic devices to access the internet, even if you are sitting in your vehicle in the parking lot.

Please use the links below to register and repeat the registration for each participant. Use the discounts listed below for additional family members. If your child hasn't tried one of our classes yet, they can try out their first class; and you only need to pay if you decide to register for the session.

Each new student needs to fill out a waiver form before participating in class. We have forms at Jing Ying that you can fill out, or you can print and fill out the Waiver Form beforehand to bring with you.

If you need a certificate of participation for your portfolio, we are happy to provide one. We homeschooled our children from infancy until college and want to support homeschoolers in any way we can (after all, you are awesome!) Your instructor, Billy Greer, has many years of experience teaching kung fu, tai chi, p.e., gymnastics and other fitness classes.

We homeschooled our children, ran a support group for homeschoolers, and Jing Ying has offered special classes for homeschoolers since 2001.


New students: Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early so you can allow your child to become familiar with our studio (where the bathroom is, cubbies, etc .)

FREE!: New students can try out the class and only pay for the session (or membership) if they decide to continue with classes. Click here for the free trial.



7-Week Session: May 3 to June 14, 2024 (12:30pm-1:15pm)
Register for the session here.

Cost for the 7-week session

$99 First student
$89 Second family member
$79 Third family member
$69 Each additional family member.

Designed for ages 5 to adult. No discount code for first famiy member. For second family member, use Discount code Fam2. For third, use Fam3. For fourth and for each additional family member, use Fam4

SECOND OPTION: if you would like your child to attend 2 classes a week (recommended) we have a special membership offer just for homeschoolers who are new to our program: your child(ren) may attend 2x/week for the same rate as 1x/week AND you will not be charged the membership enrollment fee. Please contact us if you are interested in this limited-time offer (410-431-5200 or Nancy @ (no spaces).

See schedule here

* If attending our later classes as a class make-up or member:
Students ages 5 to 11 should attend our family class, which is similar to our homeschool kung fu class. Students ages 12 to adult may attend either our family classes or adult classes (give each a try to see what works better for you!)

Give Shifu Billy or Nancy a call if you have any questions about anything (410-431-5200).

We hold Homeschool sessions from September through June but offer options for dedicated students to train through the summer as well!



"Learning kung fu at Jing Ying is cool....especially the self-defense techniques!" - Homeschool Teen, Ian

"I never thought my daughter would like martial arts, and almost didn't sign her up, but I did because I thought it might increase her confidence. I am SO glad I did! It's been one of the best activities she has ever done, and she has formed some terrific, long-lasting friendships that continue beyond the walls of this amazing studio." - Homeschool Mom, Tammy

"I'm so glad my wife and children are participating in the homeschool kung fu class. It's been one of the best activities they've ever done and has really made a difference in their lives. I've noticed the positive changes." ~ Homeschool Dad, Michael

"My child has mild cerebral palsy, and kung fu helps with coordination, gait, and self-confidence. The instructor is excellent, and the community of students is warm and welcoming." - Homeschool Mom, Jill.

"I love Jing Ying because: 1) The classes are safe and challenging: physically, mentally, and emotionally; 2) Their classes combine the right mix of routine and innovation. Though the structure stays the same, you never know what Shifu Billy will come up with; 3) Sparring does not happen until higher sash levels so there is time to learn self-control and precision; 4) Weapons!!! This was a huge draw for my family. Where else can you learn cool things with a fan (yes, a fan!) and a sword?; 5) When I support Jing Ying, I am supporting a community of homeschoolers. Jing Ying itself is active within their local community and works hard to support other local businesses and charities; 6) The prices are great!" - Homeschool Mom, Nadine