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Master Wang HaiJun:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Annapolis (Arnold) Maryland

Wang HaiJun

Chan Si Gong - Silk Reeling Exercises
Tuesday, March 5, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Come join us for an evening workshop at Jing Ying with Master Wang HaiJun.

Learn how to practice and use "Chan Si Gong" or "silk reeling energy" of TaiJi. You will practice solo techniques of single arm and double arm along with stepping. In addition, partner work will allow the practice of the silk reeling movements that form the basis of push hands practice. The workshop is appropriate for all skill levels and all styles of martial arts or tai chi.


Please arrive at 6:00 pm to check in/register

Wang HaiJun workshop, Mar 5, 2013 6:30 pm
Price: $60

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Master Wang HaiJun moved to Chen Village at the age of nine, when his father arranged for him to live and study with Master Chen ZhengLei. He is the first non-Chen family member in modern times to be traditionally trained in Chen Village. He went on to study at the Wuhan Physical Culture University in 1988, and after graduation became coach of the Pingdishan Wushu Research and Study College. He later became a senior state Wushu referee, the president and head coach of Zhengzhou Wushu Research and Study College, and coach of Henan Chen ZhengLei TaiJi Culture Co. Ltd. He is a senior disciple of Master Chen ZhengLei and an official lineage holder of Chen Style TaiJi (12th generation). An International Champion, he has won many gold medals in TaiJi Quan, Sword, and push-hands, including gold medals in China National competitions.

Chen Style Tai Chi is considered the source of the major styles of Tai Chi (TaiJi). The founders of both Yang Style and Wu style trained at the Chen Village, then left and opened their art to the public. While those styles spread and became popular, Chen style continued to be taught only in the Chen village and was not as well known. Now the secret is out, and Chen TaiJi is gaining in popularity as people discover the silk reeling exercises and coiling movements of the original style of TaiJi.