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Pierce Family Martial Arts
East Coast Seminar

June 22 - 23, 2019

Join us in the Annapolis, Maryland area to learn the specialized art of several different styles as taught by some of the best Grand Masters in the Martial Arts World! You'll learn elements of Escrima, Jeet Kune Do, San Shou (SanDa), Karambit, Knife fighting, Aiki Jitsu, TaiJi, and more. You'll learn techniques to defend against and with bladed weapons, sticks, and bare hands!

Price for this weekend event is only $175 and includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday and an Aloha Casual Dinner on Saturday night. There will be a Saturday daytime outing to downtown Annapolis for spouses or others not attending the worklshops.

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- 9:30 am
Section 1
- 10 am to noon,
Lunch - noon to 1 pm,
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Section 3 - 3 pm to 5 pm

Dinner - 6:30 pm - ???

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- 9 am to 11 am,
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Lunch - 1 pm to 2 pm,
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There is a 10% discount for Military or Law Enforcement personnel with proper ID.

Topics and teachers will include:


Grand Master Frank Rillamas

Studied and trained under the late GM Angel Cabales for 11 years. Honored to represent the Serrada Style of Escrima of GM Angel Cabales.

He will be teaching the basic strikes of Angles 1, 2 and 3 and the usual counters of stick on stick, stick on pen, stick on knife and stick on empty hand. Advanced techniques will be introduced as progression continues.

About Grandmaster Rillamas:

Grand Master Frank Rillamas has been in the martial arts for well over 40 years. Born in the Phillipines, he started his martial arts journey at an early age learning the Kabaroan style of Arnis with his grandfather Laureano Rillamas. At age 17, he enrolled at Arodans Judo Karate in Baguio City, Phillipines under the Sensei Alejandro Rodriguez.

Migrating to the U.S. in 1972, GM Frank Rillamas was introduced to Chi-Fi Kempo Karate under Sigung Cesario Roqueta in Lathrop, Ca and with hard work and determination, earned his black belt degree. He would then put his training on hold for the chance to serve his country in the U.S. Navy and to start his family.

After completing his service in the USN, he felt the need to revisit his Filipino heritage and take on escrima once more. GM Frank soon there after joined Cabales Serrada Escrima in Stockton, Ca under the tutelage of the late GM Angel Cabales circa 1979. He diligently trained under GM Cabales for eleven years and became one of his Masters. He continued to hone his skills and assisted GM Cabales in training upcoming students until his passing in 1991.

In 1990, GM Frank re-connected with Sigung Cesario Roqueta and studied the new “soft” style that was incorporated to the “hard” Kempo style. Soon after, he received his 2nd and 3rd degree certifications. That same year, with his enduring passion and vast knowledge for the martial arts, GM Frank opened his own school “Chinese-Filipino Kenpo Serrada Escrima” in Manteca, Ca. Seeing that Gm Frank was the only student of his using the original Chi-Fi Kenpo name, Sigung Cesario Roqueta bestowed the full rights of Chi-Fi Kenpo to GM Frank Rillamas.

To this day, GM Frank teaches this effective blend of fighting styles and continues to instruct and expand the minds of not only his students but also himself. Continuing his quest for knowledge, in 2015, GM Frank stepped out of the box and sought out a deeper understanding of knife techniques. This led him to GM Art Gonzalez, the protégé of the late GM Gilbert Tenio, who in turn instructed GM Frank in Decuerdas knife fighting. GM Frank took this step to complete his vision of a complete “Spada y Daga” mastery, as Decuerdas is known as the “brother” to Serrada and vice versa.

Continuing on, in 2017, GM Frank met GM Ron Pierce, who recognized his skills and ability in his art. GM Frank was then asked to demo his Serrada at “The Gathering of Legends” seminar, in front of several Grand Masters. The following day, then “Master Frank” was awarded his Grand Master title by several of his peers and acknowledged as such.

Grand Master Rick Davenport

Studied under GM Frank Rillamas and GM Ron Pierce. He will be teaching basic drills and concepts of knife fighting. Advanced drills and entries of knife fighting, Introduction to the art of the Karambit. Karambit concepts and drills.





Grand Master Pat Griffith

Studied under GM Ron Pierce. Created the specialized style of Chair Chi. He will be teaching transition from stand-up open hand techniques to throws and takedowns to submissions (locks, breaks and chokes).

GM Griffith began Training in 1994 and is a 9th Degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo (Grand Master), Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute (KSDI) and Black Belt Society member under Grand Master Ron Pierce (Pierce Family Martial Arts), a 9th Degree Black Belt Black Dragon Fighting Society (Grand Master- Honorary) under Grand Master Ron  Pierce, a Tai Chi Chuan 3rd Degree (Sifu) Certified Instructor under Grand Master Ron Pierce, an American Tai Chi and Qigong Association Certified Tai Chi Instructor (Level III), a Full Instructor Jeet Kune Do under Grand Master Bob Suttles (Suttle Impact), a Southern California Kajukenbo Black Belt Association member, a Kajukenbo Ohana Association (KOA) member, a United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, has appeared in Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt and Kung Fu Magazine, and is a USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame inducteee.


Grand Master Gary Utterback

Studied under GM Mike Berry and currently studying under GM Pierce. He will be teaching judging and referee training for the Fighter/Athlete.

GM Gary-E Utterback has 43 years in the Martial Arts with 41 years instructing various styles from Japanese Go-Ju, Kempo, Ju-Jitsu to Northern Shaolin & Southern Jaw Ga styles of Kung Fu along with training & teaching of various styles of Tai Chi Chaun.
More importantly, for this seminar, GM Gary E Utterback has completed in 100's of tournaments and has refereed more than 2000 fights from light contact to full contact, including World Title Fights at both the amature and professional levels, all over the United States.

He is the 33 year student and Senior Disciple of GM Mike Barry, who trained him in Refereeing at the International Level and whom he assisted in getting Full Contact/San Shou authorized on the Island of Bermuda. He is also intentionally certified as a San Shou/Full Contact instructor/referee by GM Mike Barry & GM De-Ru Shawn Liu who is a 31st Generation Disciple of the Shaolin Temple.

GM Gary E Utterback is a recognized member of Pierce Family Kung Fu, and is a personal student of GM Ron Pierce. A certified member of the World Organization of Wu Shu & Kung Fu Masters, a member of the Black Dragon Society and the United States Defensive Arts Association, and various other organizations.


Grand Master Rob Cutter

Studied under GM Vince Anthony and GM Ron Pierce. He will be teaching Aiki Jitsu locks, joint locks and joint manipulation off grabs, punches and will add in takedowns.







Shifu Billy Greer

Studied Tian Shan Pai Gong Fu, Qinna and Tai Chi under GM Willy Lin and Chen Style Tai Chi under GM Chen ZhengLei. He will be teaching Combat Push Hands - using softness to overcome strength and transition into locks, breaks and takedowns.

Shifu Billy first began studying combat sports in 1973 with folkstyle wrestling. In 1987, he began studying traditional Chinese Martial Arts, becoming an Indoor Disciple of Willy Lin, who first brought Tian Shan Pai Gong Fu to the US. He is one of only three disciples running schools dedicated to passing on the art. Shifu Billy is also an In-Chamber Disciple of GM Chen ZhengLei, who has officially been recognized as one of the top 10 living martial artists of China. Shifu Billy is the first USA In-Chamber Disciple not born in China, the first foreigner to undergo the In-Chamber “Bai Shi” ceremony in China and one of only three USA in-Chamber Disciples of GM Chen teaching in the USA. He and his wife Nancy own the Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu and Tai Chi.


VIP Special Guests

Grand Master Mike Berry

Mike Barry is a well respected Sifu in the Chinese martial arts community both nationally and internationally. He was on the original executive board of the famed North American Chinese Martial Arts Federation and served for 6 years as Regional President and Executive Board Member for the USA WuShu / Kung Fu Federation.

Sifu Mike progressed from an amateur boxer and Karate fighter in the early 60’s to licensed semi-pro full contact trainer in the mid-70’s operating out of San Diego, Ca. Sifu Mike started his Kung Fu training in 1972. Mike received formal Sanshou training and certification at the University of Shanghai in 1995 and has officiated at two World Tournaments. He is an active member of the JOW GA Kung Fu Association and has performed at numerous Masters exhibitions at home and abroad, while continuing to referee at major Chinese martial arts tournaments throughout the country.

He is a retired Naval Officer and submariner, holds a B.S. degree in Ed. from Southern Illinois University, and has taught continuously in Southern Maryland since 1981


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Pierce Family Martial Arts Workshop
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